Kingdom Land Forever

Our God Given Vessel

The day before driving onto Sims St for the very first time, God gave us vision of an Aircraft Carrier which has four key roles, to Carry, Equip, Deploy and Recover. As we responded to the kick in our spirit and Him saying “‘I’m in this”, we knew this property was the God given vessel that He was entrusting to us.


To serve, love and care for more people at a whole new capacity. Creating an authentic community where everyone can belong and discover a Church to call home.


That we would see every desiring heart discipled to discover the truth of who God destined them to be. Enabling true freedom and transformation from the inside out through God’s word.


To see hundreds and then thousands activated into their God given purpose, with a united mission to see God’s Kingdom advance through every sphere of society.


To be a refuge for the hurting and those crushed in faith who wonder if God could still use them. Through care and God encounters we will see the love of God restore hearts and release fresh purpose.


After many months of back and forth, it was nothing short of a God miracle when we were able to start building on site. Construction is well underway, with our new auditorium taking shape, the kids rooms being fitted out, and a our new purpose built spaces being formed. We can't wait to welcome you into our new home, where we will continue to build a strong, faith-filled community ready to reach any and all for Jesus. We can't wait to step foot inside for the first time together as a church in October.

* initial concept drawing


Future Potential

*initial concept drawing

The reality is that with this 13,000sqm+ site we have the God potential for continual  EXPANSION. While this drawing is an initial concept, it reveals the  development opportunities.

We have abundant space for an incredible Sunday church experience,  but also the potential for significant community engagement, training facilities and more. This will not only create a vibrant community hub, but add revenue streams, so we can serve our city even further.