Stage ONe

Fitting out noW & FraminG up the future

Over the next two years through our EXPANSION offering we have a vision to build God’s house, our new home and increase the help and hope we bring to the community.

With permits in process and construction to start in the next few months, the finance raised towards the $2.75m goal will enable us to get construction underway. Fitting out and repurposing the vibrant industrial space with great kids facilities and a brilliant foyer area, enabling endless connections and activities. It will also allow us to frame up the future with a purpose-built auditorium which will enable the future capacity of 900+. With this first construction phase, we have the goal of an early 2022 completion and move in date.


Future Potential

*initial concept drawing

While we are able to occupy space immediately, the reality is that with this site and 13,000sqm+ of land, we have the God potential for continual  EXPANSION

While these drawings are initial concepts, it reveals the development potential of what God can take us into. Not only do we have abundant space for an incredible Sunday church experience, but the potential for significant community engagement, childcare and training facilities. This will not only create a vibrant community hub, but add revenue streams, so we can serve our city even further.